Spokane Valley Fire Station No. 1

Spokane Valley Fire Department

University Fire Station

Spokane Valley, WA

The University Fire Station renovation was a unique challenge. Built in 1976, the existing apparatus bay was not tall enough for the new, modern fire engines. After exploring various design options, the decision was made to lower the bay floor and surrounding grade rather than demolish a portion of the building and raise the roof. To accomplish this, new underground utilities and trench-type floor drains were installed and, finally, new energy-efficient overhead garage doors.

The station was reconfigured to better serve the public as well as the firefighters with new handicapped accessible restrooms, kitchen and dorm rooms. A wellness room was added for the firefighters with a high ceiling and space for exercise equipment.  The new entry brings natural light into the building with a 20-foot long custom translucent skylight system that replaced outdated leaking clear story windows.

The renovation of the station features all new finishes, flooring, ceilings, energy efficient lighting, an upgraded HVAC system and a complete automatic fire sprinkler system to meet current code standards.