Fire Stations No. 40 & 48

Spokane County Fire District No. 4

Stations 40 & 48

Mead/Chattaroy, WA

A portion of a bond election passed in 2014 will fund two new fire stations for Spokane County Fire District No. 4 in Chattaroy and Mead Washington. The new stations will fill a gap and provide better residential coverage for the people of the district.

Each fire station is approximately 5,800 square feet built on two on separate sites in North Spokane Country.  Construction shall include all site work, utilities and building construction. Metal panels will be used for the roof and walls. The steel structural system will utilize a standard metal building manufacturer type system. A complete automatic fire sprinkler system will be installed throughout the facility. To supply reserve water for the sprinkler system an underground concrete vault will be installed. The vaults will be sized to do double duty by also allowing the district to periodically check their truck pumps at these stations.

The interior of the building features include a 3,200 square foot apparatus bay that will house 4 vehicles parked back to back with four overhead garage doors for quick response. The living portion of the building includes, shared dorm rooms for 5 firefighters with living, dining, kitchen and patio spaces.