Grant County Landfill

Ephrata, Washington

This project created a new public entrance to the existing Grant County Landfill, moving it from the west side of the site to the east side. New and updated facilities were constructed, including:

  • 8,562 s.f.  Office/Shop Building, constructed with pre-engineered metal building system and providing Offices, Toilet Rooms, Locker Area, Kitchenette, and a large Meeting/Break Room. The Shop Area provides three (3) double-depth, drive-through maintenance bays and one (1) single depth bay. A Mezzanine provides Storage, Compressor Enclosure and an HVAC Mechanical Room.

  • 576 s.f. Recycle Center Building providing an open pole-building structure for storing containers in which hazardous materials are collected.

  • 231 s.f. Scale House with two (2) vehicle scales, one for incoming and one for outgoing traffic.

  • Fuel Island, relocated from original landfill entrance location, with re-used dispensing pumps and above ground tanks.

Use of products with recycled content was important for this client to help illustrate the ability to re-use materials that would normally end up in the landfill.

Site improvements included all access roadways from the County Road into the Landfill, parking lots and landscaping. 

A separate study was performed to analyze the feasibility of using Landfill Gases to generate electricity, including payback periods.