Saranac Hotel Renovation

Mixed Use Renovation

Spokane, Washington

The Saranac Hotel project involved the renovation of a historic hotel in downtown Spokane. The Hotel, originally constructed in 1906, was converted into a mixed-use facility, including offices, retail stores, a restaurant and a movie theater. In April of 2009, the project was awarded LEED Platinum certification by the USGBC.

Sustainable Design Strategies

Structure Reuse: 95% of the existing structure and up to 30% of the existing interior finishes was reused.
Daylighting: Daylighting and views are available to 90% of all occupants.

Water Use Reduction: Water use in this building was reduced by more than 60% of what would be normal in a conventional building. The building will have rooftop gardens and a catchment system for recycling rain water for reuse.

Use of Materials with Recycled Content: Examples of materials with recycled content used in construction include fly ash concrete, steel, acoustic ceiling panels, carpeting, ceramic tile, denim insulation, and steel reinforcing bar in foundations.

Use of Local/Regional Materials: A high percentage of local/regional materials to be considered; including all framing lumber, wood products, concrete mix materials, and ceramic tile.

Optimized Energy Performance: Energy consumption will be 73% lower than that of a conventional building. This is accomplished through the use of several innovative techniques, including the use of a ground source heat pump system, direct digital control system and lighting fixtures controlled by daylight and occupancy sensors.