Columbia Colstor

Moses Lake, Washington

An 8,000 s.f. Office Building designed to house the company's corporate headquarters.  Although never certified, this building was a LEED registered project and constructed with the following Sustainable Design Strategies:

  • Daylighting:  View windows and/or transom windows provide a connection for occupants to the outdoor environment and contribute to a healthy and productive workplace.

  • Water Use Reduction:  Water use in this building is reduced by 37% of what would be normal in a conventional building.  Strategies included use of Waterless Urinals, Low-Flow Shower Heads, and Electronic-Eye activated hand-wash faucets.

  • Optimized Energy Performance:  Energy consumption is reduced by 47% over a conventional building.  This is accomplished through the use of several innovative techniques, including;  the use of a ground source heat pump, direct digital control system,  permanent  insulating forms in foundation walls, direct/indirect  lighting fixtures controlled by daylight and occupancy sensors.

  • Construction Waste Management:  By minimizing typical product packaging and through recycling programs on site, almost 75% of the normal construction waste was diverted from the landfill.

  • Use of Materials with Recycled Content:  Examples of materials with recycled content used in construction include acoustic ceiling panels, carpeting, ceramic tile, exterior decking, insulation, fly ash in concrete,  and steel reinforcing bar in foundations.

  • Use of Certified Wood:  This project as strived to use at least 50% of all wood products as Certified Wood, including framing lumber and plywood products, as well as the wood decking visible over the Board Room and Lobby areas.