Veteran's Cemetery

Medical Lake, Washington

  • Administration Building / Public Information Building:  3,900 sq. ft. wood-framed building with rock veneer and pre-finished metal siding. The facility includes Administrative Office for the cemetery, a large Conference/Family Room, an Honor Guard Room, and a Public Information Center with a grave-finder kiosk.

  • Maintenance Shop Building: 4,100 sq. ft. masonry building with single-slope steel roof structure to house Vehicle Maintenance Bays, Storage Mezzanine and a Wash Bay.  An additional 1,600 sq. ft. of open, Vehicle Storage Bays is located at one end of the building.  Facility includes gas-fired pressure washer, air compressor, 2-post vehicle lift, vehicle exhaust evacuation system and overhead lube/air dispensing system.

  • Committal Service Shelter: 888 sq. ft. open shelter with secured Storage Room at the rear. Orientation and design provide unobstructed views to cemetery‚Äôs flag assembly area through glass panel wind-breaks.  Stone veneer finished walls and vaulted ceilings with stained wood finish provide solemn, natural setting for interment ceremonies.