Riverwalk Point II

Spokane, Washington

  • 51 units of family housing in 5 buildings

  • Mixtures of 2 and 3-story apartments and townhouses

  • Designed to exceed the Evergreen Sustainable Design Standard

  • Significant incentive financing from local utility provider for energy savings

  • Community space features post and beam straw bale construction built with locally grown straw

  • Community workshop provided teaching opportunity and labor to construct straw bale community space

The Enterprise Community Partners “Green Communities Offset Fund” has approved the purchase of carbon offsets fromRiver Walk Point II.   Based on the energy modeling information and final model results for the proposed design, the project is estimated to perform 43% better than a building constructed to meet the 2004 IECC. This estimated performance exceeds the requirements of Green Communities by 28%, and translates into an annual CO2 emissions reduction of 49 tonnes of CO2 per year and 494 tonnes over 10 years. At a purchase price of $20/ton, this results in a total value for the carbon offsets of $9,880.    River Walk Point II is the first project in Washington State to be approved.